Sh*thouse Update

4 Killer New strips

Sh*thouse 84

Sh*thouse 85
Sh*thouse 86

Sh*thouse 87


Ghost Dog

New Sh*thouse

3 Brand New strips

Sh*thouse 81

Sh*thouse 82 Sh*thouse 83


Ghost Dog

Fresh New Sh*thouse

Four Brand New Strips to make your Eye's

Sh*thouse 77

Sh*thouse 78

Sh*thouse 79

Sh*thouse 80

Ghost Dog

Merry Christmas From Pipingrad

Pipingrad wishes you All Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!!!

We got 4 Brand NEW Sh*thouse Strips.

Sh*thouse 73

Sh*thouse 74

Sh*thouse 75

Sh*thouse 76

And for something Extra Special.
A Great piece of Fan Art from Robin.

Dr. Xero

Thanks Robin, that Rocks!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
Ghost Dog

New Sh*thouse Update

Sh*thouse has been updated
with 3 Brand NEW Strips.

Sh*thouse 70

Sh*thouse 71

Sh*thouse 72

Here is the Wallpaper that was linked before the site
change. When I get some free time, I will added permanment wallpaper page.

Wallpaper Preview



Sh*thouse Update

Here's 4 brand new Sh*thouse

Sh*thouse 66

Sh*thouse 67

Sh*thouse 68

Sh*thouse 69

Welcome to the New Pipingrad!!!

Get your Freak Show of Pipingrad and
Fix here.



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